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Ecommerce Forum South Africa

It is the goal of the EFSA to increase awareness, confidence and capability of the ecommerce industry in Africa.

EFSA represents:

  • large and small eShop owners,
  • brick and mortar stores that are including ecommerce as part of their omnichannel strategy,
  • service providers (platforms, payments, logistics, delivery, consultants)
  • EFSA helps each of these stakeholders work cohesively with each other to enrich the overall ecommerce industry in Africa.

1. Trust:

  • Working with retailers to implement a trustmark.

2. Education:

  • Basic curriculum
  • Cooperation with educational institutions & trainers

3. Research:

  • Trends
  • Definitions
  • Usage by business & consumers
  • Attitudes towards

4. Regulation:

  • Data privacy (POPI)
  • Consumer protection (CPA, ECTA)
  • Cyber law
  • Tax
  • Expanding your business in Africa


“To drive the growth of ecommerce in Africa”

The EFSA will provide members with:

  • information about latest best practices, marketing, technology, and logistics;
  • promote good business practices via a governance code and a high profile seal (Trustmark);
  • provide expert guidance about regulatory issues such as the Davis Committee on Tax, CPA,
  • POPI and we will work with regulators to influence pragmatic interpretations;
  • stimulate education and training communications and services;
  • identify current key issues of concern to members and organize workshops to inform and agree on ways forward;
  • research: the Forum will develop a brief to produce definitive research relevant to member needs and which will become the accepted ecommerce reference source.


To drive the Growth of ecommerce in the RSA:

  • Looking at solutions for the greater industry;
  • Attracting a greater variety of merchants;
  • Championing ecommerce as a retail option.


  • Of the end consumer, and
  • To up-skill individuals in areas that are related to ecommerce


  • To be the representative voice of the sector;
  • To identify solutions to regulatory issues that face the industry.

In order to achieve these objectives the EFSA will:

  • Encourage research into the various aspects of ecommerce;
  • Create a Trustmark or some system to encourage consumer confidence;
  • Prepare a PR campaign that members can buy into, with 3 aims – to promote confidence with consumers; with potential merchants, and with government;
  • Forge relations with the payment systems & delivery operators