Zando's CEO on the future of online shopping in SA's CEO, Morgane Imbert
Zando was established in 2012 and has grown to become one of South Africa’s biggest online fashion and lifestyle platforms. It forms part of the Jumia Group, Africa’s front-running ecommerce platform.

CEO Morgane Imbert’s background originated from France, within a range of industries, specialising in advising ecommerce companies, from startups to corporations, on how to optimise company organisation and processes while improving systems and developing business intelligence tools. After much time spent exploring the European market, mastering the art of business within the ecommerce space, she decided to move to South Africa, where she came across Zando.

Why did you decide to move to South Africa?

I was instantly drawn to South Africa, to discover new business markets, which presented me new challenges to master. I joined Zando in 2019, as the marketplace manager and shortly thereafter was appointed as head of marketplace before moving on to become group head of commercial efficiency where I use my expertise in optimising company organisation and processes while improving systems and developing business intelligence tools within the.ecommerce sectors. After several years of working within a variety of divisions in Jumia, I was appointed as Zando’s CEO in May 2023.

What inspired you to take on the role of CEO at Zando?

I was honoured to assume the position of CEO at Zando. This was not only a great opportunity but also a great challenge. Taking on the responsibility of leading such an established brand, 12 years of age, and steering its growth amidst the dynamic landscape of South African ecommerce was what motivated me to accept this role.

What are your thoughts about new competitors entering the South African market like Amazon or Shein?

We welcome our competitors, we are very confident in our deeply rooted history here in South Africa and our established presence. Having Jumia as our parent company, operating across 11 countries on the African continent, we possess a great understanding of our customers' diverse needs. Our ongoing team collaboration with Jumia allows us to develop and implement effective strategies to consistently meet and exceed those needs.

In a rapidly changing business landscape, how do you plan to navigate the future of online shopping in South Africa?

Our approach to the future of online shopping in South Africa includes optimising digital systems, diverse payment solutions, efficient logistics, an excellent customer experience, staying informed on market trends and ensuring trustworthy delivery of international products.

How does Zando intend to address the challenges anticipated in the year 2024?

At Zando, we are committed to building strong relationships with our suppliers and investing in innovative tech, enhancing our digital infrastructure. By staying agile and customer-focused, we aim to deliver an exceptional online shopping experience, ensuring our position as a leader in the South African ecommerce landscape.

What is your vision for Zando in 2024?

My vision for Zando is to foster growth, broadening our market influence and ensuring that we continue to connect people, all over South Africa, to the best products and at the best prices. I also look forward to nurturing growth within Zando’s operations in South Africa, forging strong collaborations with all stakeholders and their Jumia neighbours, to drive partner development and enhance consumer satisfaction as the company advances towards profitability.

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