KFC meals can now be ordered on WhatsApp

Photo: KFC
KFC South Africa has launched Chat Commerce - a chat-ordering channel that allows customers to place and pay for an order through WhatsApp. The platform is 100% automated and leverages natural language processing.

WhatsApp chat-ordering uses guided prompts, emoji-embedded facilitation, and natural language processing to guide customers through the ordering process. All you have to do is answer the questions by replying with a number, a word or an emoji.

Step 1: Add the KFC Chat-Order contact by clicking the link, scanning a QR code, or adding the number - 087 153 1074

Step 2: Send "Hi" to get started

Step 3: Select your order through texting replies that respond to questions posed

Step 4: Select the KFC restaurant that you want to collect your order from. At this stage, WhatsApp ordering is available for ‘click and collect’ only

Step 5: Pay. While not yet available, consumers will soon also have the option to choose to pay via WhatsApp by inputting their card details but, for now, they pay at their selected store

Step 6: Collect order

“While currently the service is only available for click and collect, we have future plans to integrate delivery as part of this channel rollout. Additionally, consumers will soon be able to also pay via WhatsApp,” says KFC SA's digital and ecommerce director Nicholas Duminy.

“We understand the limitations that high data costs can pose in transacting online and WhatsApp is the perfect channel to mitigate this. Connecting with, and catering to, the youth market in South Africa has always been a top priority. The KFC chat-ordering channel is a great way to do this innovatively,” Duminy concludes.

"An ecommerce rollout is a significant technical undertaking, even on traditional channels. To provide it on WhatsApp requires a rethinking of the user journey and engagement paradigm," the company said.

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