The power of being in the customer's pocket

by Greg Phillips: Chief Executive Officer at TouchBasePro.
2024 holds immense possibilities, and many elegant solutions are emerging to serve unique business needs. Email marketing is no exception. With the introduction of various AI technologies in the communications space, there are interesting opportunities to take advantage of.

If you're looking to use AI in your email content and creation process or use new technologies to grow your comms strategy, here are three quick things to consider: 

Mobile is always first: It is crucial to lead with a mobile-first strategy when it comes to your communication. When curating content, creating graphics or testing your communication, always lead with mobile access as a priority. People act from their phones, and you’ll want to make that easy for them to ensure you achieve your goals. 

Content and timing of communication are critical: Begin by segmenting your audiences for relevance. Build on this by using AI recommendation engines to promote products your customers have shown interest in. Send less, but send more strategically to get more out of your audience. It's possible to be incredibly savvy with your communication, but your goal is always to be relevant, and time your communication well. If you use the right partners, you can also achieve this without high capex costs. 

Creating revenue is not a one-step process: Remember that moving a customer through your sales funnel requires many micro nudges. Use your email and SMS marketing to gently move customers through your sales funnel until they’re ready to buy. The use of AI tools to speak to client needs, interests and behaviours can be a game-changer in this regard, so don't merely hard-sell; instead, help your customers and potential customers make the decisions that suit them best.

With the right communication strategy and tools, you can extrapolate your sales and results. Using channels that your customers interact with all the time means you remain relevant and top of mind, so plan well and embrace the use of AI in your communication strategy to increase sales in 2024. 

Happy sending!

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