Is full-funnel marketing possible without 3rd party cookies?

by Martyna Luczaj: Product Owner at RTB House.
In this article, you will learn:

  • What is a full-funnel strategy and how it is divided and interpreted
  • How the creatives differ at different levels of the funnel
  • If it will be possible to address all the challenges of the funnel’s respective stages in the post-cookies era.
Full–funnel strategy is an advanced marketing approach that considers every step of the purchasing funnel – from prospective visitors to paying customers – as part of the marketing efforts.

Each stage of the funnel responds to the user’s specific needs and requires a different approach. For example, for the top-level awareness, general marketing content, such as a promotional video, can be used; whereas, for the bottom level, the creatives have to be more personalised with products that the user is interested in.

Accomplishing a full-funnel strategy precisely and effectively is a challenge, but thanks to solutions like tags and third-party cookies, determining the exact location of a user in the shopping funnel has been possible.

Initially, the prospect of the post-cookie world would make it seem like such possibilities are now in doubt; however, new solutions are already being established to meet this new reality, as well as the advent of a variety of new and effective tools.

The real challenge will be to combine these tools into one coherently working mechanism that will have to be driven by the most advanced technology available. The key to accomplishing this will be in understanding which piece of data can be used at a given stage of the funnel.

The transition from one stage to the next for users can be quick, which is why it’s paramount for marketers to cooperate with the most technologically advanced advertising services providers – only they have a chance to answer the needs of the industry and deliver the best results.

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