Amazon now accepting South African sellers

For years, South African entrepreneurs have been trying to sell on the world’s biggest ecommerce platform, Amazon. Despite many attempts to contact them, our friends at Insaka were never able to get a clear answer as to why they didn’t accept South African sellers.

The trouble came when registering a new seller account on the Amazon website; once you progress to the section to add your personal details, the drop-down menu for the country of residence just didn’t have South Africa as an option.

The team at Insaka have been checking this regularly in the hope that it might change, and last month noticed that, without any fanfare or announcement, South Africa had appeared as an option on their list of countries.

“This is a game changer for South African online sellers and any local entrepreneurs who produce goods which have international demand. While this news is worth getting excited about, I advise people to take it slow so you can learn the system before jumping in with both feet,” says Warrick Kernes, Insaka founder. 

South Africans can join the Amazon SA Facebook Group to receive updates and to share best practices with one another.

At this point, Insaka have confirmed that South African businesses can list and sell their goods on the Amazon Europe website (which is confirmed here), but it is not yet clear when or if we will gain access to Amazon North America.

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