Useful Shopify apps to improve marketing, support and sales

by Adewale Adejumo: Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Dropstore.

These apps are especially useful if you are a dropshipper, and they are perfectly useful for a normal ecommerce store owner.

For shipping and tracking:

  • AfterShip Order Tracking – Track orders easily, branded order lookup and tracking pages
  • Bespoke Shipping – Shipping supercharged.

For SEO:

  • AMP – Google AMP, amped pages, speed and SEO with the AMP cache
  • – Image optimiser, SEO image optimiser + image compression
  • SEO Manager – SEO power tool. Rank higher. Get found. Sell more. Manage SEO.

For inventory sourcing and management:

  • Dropstore – Find products for your eCommerce store from South African suppliers.

For marketing:

  • Shopify Email – Email marketing made for ecommerce
  • Facebook channel – Bring your products to Facebook and Instagram users
  • GoaffPro Affiliate Marketing – Professional affiliate marketing app
  • Google channel – Let’s you sell on google shopping
  • LimeSpot Personaliser – Personalised recommendations, upsell and cross-sell with AI
  • Zasttra Seller App – Let’s you sell on Zasttra Marketplace
  • uAfrica Shipping & Multichannel – Let’s you sell on bidorbuy and easily process return shipping
  • Loyalty & Rewards – Boost customer engagement and retention with a loyalty programme.

For customer support:

  • Freshdesk or Reamaze – Push Notifications, live chat customer service + chatbots and helpdesk with FAQ.

Payment gateway:

  • Payfast.

Useful resources:
Dropstore lets you find products, add them to your Online store, and ship them directly to your customers easily. No inventory, no risk.
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