Takealot launches an electric truck fleet

Takelot has announced the launch of an electric truck fleet in Cape Town. The sustainable move is in collaboration with Aeversa and lease vehicle supplier Avis, according to the online retailer.

“The journey towards this milestone has been filled with meticulous modelling of the Jac Electric Trucks which will be taken into service by Takealot in October.

“To keep elevating its approach to sustainability, Takealot has worked closely with Aeversa to strategise and implement optimal integration methods, ensuring the seamless operation of the fleet in the Western Cape.

“The support from Avis onboarding the fleet is a first-of-its-kind project in the world of commercial vehicle leasing,” Takelot said in a statement.

The Jac N75EV electric trucks, powered by Aeversa, is said to have a 400km-plus daily driving range. The trucks are also reportedly equipped with advanced safety features.

“As the world of sustainability continues to evolve, we will continue to evolve with it. This exciting collaboration marks an important step for us as a consciously innovative business in South Africa,” said Frederik Zietsman, CEO of Takealot.

“Backed by the Forest Stewardship Council, introducing electric trucks into our business reinforces our commitment to sustainability. We don’t just deliver packages; we are delivering on our promise to reduce our carbon footprint and provide a sustainable shopping solution to our customers,” added Zietsman.

“This partnership is about so much more than electric trucks and charging stations; we envision this as the first step towards a much-needed shift in logistics.

“Through this partnership, we are excited to weave a more sustainable approach into the fabric of logistics and transport in South Africa,” said Rick Franz, CEO of Aeversa.

Originally published on Bizcommunity
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