DPD Laser’s take on Fresh with their On Demand services

DPD Laser launched a national scheduled grocery delivery service in 2019 with one of the biggest retailers in SA. Successfully achieving > 99% on time in full delivery within a predicted one hour timeslot, the retailer experienced a 30% increase in deliveries within 2 months of going live.

Similarly, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting essential services (Grocery & Healthcare) globally, together with the resulting lockdowns, there was an explosion of demand to get essential services to customers same day or On Demand.

Therefore, in January 2021, DPD Laser strategically decided to act and start to scope their On Demand solution. Simultaneously testing various operating models, configuring world class delivery technology and engaging with best partners to ensure that they built the most robustly agile and feasible On Demand service in South Africa. DPD Laser are currently live in 25 stores with ± 80 motorbike drivers.

As a business, it was clear that as the On Demand service grew, DPD Laser would need to consider the impact that their logistical footprint would have on the environment.

According to Gillian Cedras, DPD Laser’s General Manager of Contract Logistics: “Following the sustainability strategy of DPDgroup, we wanted to be one of the first to launch an electric vehicle in the On Demand grocery space within South Africa. The fully electrical vehicle designed to travel ± 100km on one quick charge also has the ability to take multiple packages and deliver within 60 min, all with ZERO emissions. We believe that the launch of this vehicle will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint as we embark in building one of the largest On Demand delivery networks in South Africa.”

By the end of 2021, DPD Laser’s On Demand services will be live in ± 45 stores in all 9 provinces. In 2022, they will be launching an On Demand service to their core B2C & C2C customers, and it will become one of the core services available within the business platforms including their recently launched DPD Laser Customer app.

“As a group, we are excited about the endless possibilities our new On Demand delivery service will offer our clients.”

To enquire about DPD Laser’s On Demand delivery service please email

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DPD Laser
DPD Laser, through its trading division Dawn Wing, is one of South Africa’s leading express delivery companies that has been proudly serving South Africa for over 30 years.
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