How Peach Payments helps you scale your ecommerce business

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop looking to explore the digital space or an entrepreneur looking to make it big in ecommerce, you need to plan for success. Success most often comes in the form of scaling up your business: growing, pivoting, stocking up and of course, priming yourself for new customers and increased sales.

The first thing you need to know when growing your customer base is your business’s conversion rate. That’s the number of customers that visit your store that convert to successful sales. There are multiple points along their journey from interest to sale where customers can drop off and fail to convert, but making a payment can be the biggest hurdle to overcome, and of course, the most important one.

It’s vital that the checkout process is as smooth and convenient as possible to keep that conversion rate as high as possible. That’s why Peach Payments goes above and beyond in honing in the perfect user experience throughout checkout, making sure flows are intuitive and customers feel safe and secure in proceeding to payment. Peach Payments also offers as many payment methods as possible to ensure that making payments is accessible to every customer. They also have the option of retrying a payment without reinserting their card details if an error occurs, ensuring that they have no reason to click away when you’re about to make a sale. 

Keep them coming back for more

One of the best ways to scale up is to secure guaranteed purchases every month with subscriptions to your product. This allows you to anticipate your growth and make investment decisions based on realistic income projections. That’s why it’s vital that your online store has the right infrastructure for subscription payments from day one.

Peach Payments allows merchants to securely store card details via tokenisation (so that your customers aren’t continuously inputting their information) and offers customisable subscription payment options that allow for automated payments timed to your subscription cycle.

But what if you're not geared for subscriptions? Tokenisation also enables one-click checkouts, which reduces friction in the checkout process and saves your repeat customers a whole lot of time.

Don’t go down when the numbers are up

Making sure your online store can make sales 24/7 isn’t as easy as sticking a wedge in the door. There are several risks you need to account for. For instance, there can be technical issues with the site itself, your web host, or even your payment gateway.

Scaling up your business means that you have to mitigate the risks of losing sales to downtime, and that’s why so many merchants choose Peach Payments as their payment gateway. Peach Payments is renowned in the payment industry for having higher transaction success rates, near-perfect uptime, and 5-star customer support and transparency when it comes to technical issues. Thorough and regularly updated support documentation is always available on our site, and our support team is an email or a call away if there’s any issue you need dealt with, helping keep your ecommerce business open and making sales. 


From your first sale to your millionth, Peach Payments provides competitive rates on transaction fees so that your profit margins are through the roof, and not sunk into expenses.

We strive to have some of the most competitive transaction fees in the industry out of the box, and also offer custom rates for high-volume merchants:

  • R1.50 + 2.95% (ex VAT) on local debit and credit card payments
  • R1.50 + 1.5% (ex VAT) on EFTs
  • R1.50 + 3.5% (ex VAT) on international card payments.

So if you’re planning for success, pick Peach Payments, the perfect online payment provider for ecommerce businesses on the grow.

To get started, click here.

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