Amazon to launch a marketplace in South Africa

Photo: Unsplash
According to Business Insider, Amazon is planning to launch a marketplace in South Africa. The publication cited leaked documents as the source of its information.

The launch is part of a global expansion that will include Belgium, Chile, Colombia, and Nigeria.

The leaked documents that were seen by Business Insider reveal that the launch is codenamed 'Project Fela' and that Amazon plans to have it set in motion in February 2023.

"This will include its own marketplace and the launch of the Prime membership programme. The country also plans to launch in Nigeria in April 2023 under the same project codename," the publication said.

MyBroadband reported in January that Amazon was searching for warehouse space in South Africa.

Amazon's marketplace in South Africa will add to its local presence, which includes a controversial planned headquarters in Cape Town.

Originally published on Bizcommunity
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