Employee vs owner thinking

by Alan Knott-Craig: Successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, chairman of HeroTel, a wireless broadband provider, and founder of Project Isizwe.
An employee is always looking to prove himself right.

An owner is always looking for the truth, regardless of whether he’s right.

An employee wants the winning idea to be his idea.

An owner wants the right winning idea, regardless of whether it’s his idea.

An employee wants the world to work the way he thinks it should work.

An owner wants to know how the world really works, and goes with it.

An employee never thinks about cashflow.

An owner always thinks about cashflow.

An employee puts energy into corporate politics.

An owner has no time for corporate politics.

An employee applies for leave and then switches off his phone.

An owner doesn’t apply for leave, but never stops working.

An employee is chasing a pension.

An owner is chasing financial freedom.

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Alan Knott-Craig is a highly successful entrepreneur and best selling author. He is based in South Africa and passionate about starting businesses in the telecoms, media and tech sector.
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