Let go of the branch

by Alan Knott-Craig: Successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, chairman of HeroTel, a wireless broadband provider, and founder of Project Isizwe.
A man is walking through a desert in the middle of the night. No stars, no moon, pitch black.

He accidentally stumbles across the edge of a canyon, falling into a 100m deep chasm.

As he falls he grabs a branch of a tree sticking out the side of the canyon wall.

He’s not strong enough to pull himself to safety, so he spends the rest of the night crying and calling for help and shaking with fear.

He knows it’s only a matter of time before his arms give in and he falls to his death.

As the sun comes up, he looks down and sees the canyon floor its 30cm below his feet.

How many fears of yours have you built up in your mind only to face a reality that is much less terrible than you imagined?

Let go of the branch.

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Alan Knott-Craig is a highly successful entrepreneur and best selling author. He is based in South Africa and passionate about starting businesses in the telecoms, media and tech sector.
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