How Gonn has taken the stink out of sweat

Jessi van Rensburg is the founder of Gonn, a natural 100% vegan and fragrance-free anti-odorant that lets you smell like you – minus the sweat.

Founded in June 2021, Gonn aimed to fill the gap in the local market by offering natural deodorants as a solution to the growing number of consumers who were (and still are) against using the toxins present in regular deodorants and antiperspirants on their sensitive skin. In her words, Gonn is “innovative, revolutionary and empowering” because it attacks the bacteria directly responsible for the smelly sweat. No bacteria mean no smell; Gonn simply prevents the smell of perspiration from occurring in the first place.

Jessi believes in her product wholeheartedly and it shows. In the video above, you can find out more about the story of Gonn and how they are making an impact by providing jobs in their community through their local factory.

Jessi has grown her brand, online business and a national presence with support from Payfast and Easy Advance business funding. She’s now at the stage where she can focus on what she does best and enjoys – marketing her business instead of worrying about her business’ finances.

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Payfast is a payments processing service that enables South African merchants to receive payments from local and international buyers.
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