Share your story and win an iMac

Payment gateway encourages businesses to tell their story to stand the chance to win an Apple iMac worth R25,000.

Peach Payments’ online payment gateway solutions have supported countless customers in scaling up their businesses. So what does scaling actually mean? For Peach Payments, it’s growing your revenue faster than your costs. You can hire the right people and invest in your dream (and get a little free time back, too)

Does that sound good to you? Over the past 8 years, Peach Payments has helped businesses scale, boosting sales with industry-leading user experience that reduces customer drop off, multiple payment methods that ensures that every customer has a way to pay, and developer-friendly APIs and resources that make payments easy to integrate and manage.

Scaling an ecommerce business isn’t something that happens once things start going right, it’s something that needs to be planned for from day one. That’s why every entrepreneur has to understand the ins and outs of scaling whilst they’re still figuring out how to get things off the ground. Peach Payments has seen it done right so they’re shining a spotlight on everything scaling orientated, to let businesses share their success stories.

That’s why they’ve launched the #ScaleWithPeach campaign: a way to discuss, inform and reward scaling businesses. Peach Payments wants to celebrate the success of businesses across South Africa, beating the odds throughout the COVID lockdown, and more often than not, pivoting into the ever-expanding digital sales space. These pioneers are building the foundations for more entrepreneurs to join the world of ecommerce, and Peach Payments is giving them the platform to document their stories, share the lessons they’ve learned, and learn a thing or two themselves.

Keep an eye out for the hashtag #ScaleWithPeach for one of a kind insights into the journeys of some of Peach Payments’ customers and how their partnership with Peach has helped them scale. They’ll be sharing valuable resources on how you can scale your business, tell all interviews, and maybe, your journey as well.

Share a picture of where you started and where you are now with the hashtag #ScaleWithPeach, and let them know a bit about what scaling means to you. You’ll get featured across Peach Payments’ social media platforms and one lucky storyteller will win an iMac worth R25 000!

How to win

  1. Upload pictures on your social media of when you started your business and where you are now. It can show how your team grew, or the larger warehouse space you use, or maybe a map of the area you serve. Be as creative as you want
  2. Tag @PeachPayments AND use the hashtag #ScaleWithPeach
  3. Tell us one thing you would tell your younger self before you scaled?

So whether you’re looking to start your own business, trying to scale up or have a scaling success story to share, connect with Peach Payments across your social media platforms and start to #ScaleWithPeach. Click here to learn more.

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