Small problems left unattended become crises

by Alan Knott-Craig: Successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, chairman of HeroTel, a wireless broadband provider, and founder of Project Isizwe.

It’s easy to avoid conflict.

To turn a blind eye to lurking issues like:

  • A financial director that is ethically weak
  • A CEO that is a bully
  • A billing system that is jittery.

But these small problems compound over time:

  • The ethical boundary becomes fuzzy
  • What is acceptable becomes blurred
  • Before you know it you’re in trouble.

Tackle problems when they’re small.

Small problems left unattended become crises.

Useful resources:
The Big Almanack
Alan Knott-Craig is a highly successful entrepreneur and best selling author. He is based in South Africa and passionate about starting businesses in the telecoms, media and tech sector.
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